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Snap, Share, Earn!

ShareOle Is Here!

Focus on your product let us do the rest.

With ShareOle you reward your customer for sharing pictures of your product or service. In this way we will guarantee you a higher organic reach on your social media channels and a massive exposure.

Let your customers create your content

ShareOle Boost Your SEO

With ShareOle you are literally saying to the algorithm “Hey look at us we are very important, everyone is talking about us! That means we are relevant for someone searching for something in that industry”


Your customers take a picture of your product or service.


They share it on social media and add you in the description.


ShareOle converts the amount of likes into discount.

Your customers will be doing your entire marketing!

Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Most Important Social Media

ShareOle is the application for those who want social media to be on automatic pilot.

Who Is Behind ShareOle?

We understand that it’s human interaction that helps you to connect your brand to your audience. If you base your entire company and image on formulas, SEO algorithms and mathematical equations then your audience won’t resonate with you.

That is why we use ground-breaking advancements to deliver solutions right to your audience while harnessing the digital world algorithms for success. We really do give you the best of both worlds and we strongly believe that we have what it takes to give you the winning strategy you need to break out of the market and hit the ground running.



Marketing Agency

stay one step ahead


Get the right plan for your business!

Imagine for a second if every customer that enters your store made a picture of the product or service they consumed, imagine if they shared that picture with all their friends they tagged you on that picture and they did their best to get the most likes on it.

Let’s look at the facts. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. ShareOle makes it really easy for your customers to share their experience and they get rewarded to do so.

Let’s talk

Our ultimate goal is to boost the profits that your business has.

We’ll get you in front of audiences who actually want to buy your product or service, by letting your customers create visual content that is catered just for them. The key to business success has always been the same: “Find a need and fill it.”

What we do is helping you show your audience that need in the most interactive and irresistible way. – WASOE

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